black and white meMel Hartsell, MSW

Mel is a non-binary trans* femme born and raised in the Charlotte area. They received their Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte  after majoring in religious studies and theology at Gardner-Webb University for 3 years. They have served on staff at Time Out Youth as a social worker (programs assistant and groups coordinator) and currently work as a foster care case manager. Mel’s master’s thesis and research was entitled “Addressing HIV Risk Behaviors Among Transgender Adolescents: a Harm Reduction Approach.” In 2012, Mel presented the workshop “My High Heels Don’t Mean My Vulva Is Female: A Workshop for Non-Binary and Trans Male Femmes” with Avory Faucette at Femme Conference. A rockabilly at heart, Mel can often be spotted with bright red lips. In their limited free time, Mel enjoys participating in feminist and radical activism, writing and researching, being creative, and loving on their beautiful chosen queer family. This often involves craft beer and candy.

Contact Mel at mel.transcharlotte@gmail.com. 

Constance Profile Pic

Constance Brooks

Constance is a FTM trans* woman who is often described as “a very nice lady” by her friends. She previously attended cosmetology school but through her time at Time Out Youth she discovered that her true passion was working with the LGBT community and creating safe and inclusive spaces. This revelation led Constance to become an intern at Time Out Youth where she developed skills to organize programming and lead discussion groups. When her internship, ended she stayed on as a volunteer so she could continue to help support LGBT youth. Since then, she has branched off with Time Out as a part of their collaborative project with the LGBT Center to create a young adult LGBT space as well as working with Trans* Send Love (an internet trans* support network) as an administrator. Constance enjoys trans* advocacy, being a 60’s housewife and mothering all of her queer children. 

Constance Brooks can be reached at constance.transcharlotte@gmail.com.

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