Contact Senator Burr and encourage him to support ENDA!

My friend Avory from the National Center for Transgender Equality, and a North Carolina native, writes:

Dear NC friends and family,
We have a real chance to pass ENDA in the Senate this year. ENDA is a piece of legislation that would make it against federal law to discriminate against LGBT people–people like me–in the workplace. You may not know
that it is currently legal to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in hiring and at work. Your Senator, Senator Burr, is a crucial vote in getting this legislation to the floor for a vote. I know that calling Senators may sound like a pain in the ass, or it may not seem like Burr would support this legislation, but in this case your call actually does matter. He’s one of just three Senators we’re really targeting to get ENDA out of committee, and we do have a chance of getting this bill through if enough North Carolinians call.I’m not very political, and almost never ask people to do something political (I had to get an intern to show me how to do this note thing!), but it would mean a lot to me if you could do this because it’s personal. So many of my closest friends have had trouble finding work or have been discriminated against on the job. Even if you’re not sure how you feel about LGBT issues in general, think about how it would feel to be denied a job, denied benefits, or harassed without ever actually doing anything offensive. Everyone deserves to work, and I have to think about these questions every time I seek a new job.

Some points you might bring up in your call are:

  • 77% of transgender and gender non-conforming North Carolinians experienced harassment at work due to their gender identity or expression according to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.
  • A Small Business Administration survey found that more than 2/3 of small business owners support ENDA, and 86% of small business owners who already have non-discrimination policies say that it cost them nothing or next to nothing to adopt such a policy (another 12% said the cost was small and insignificant)
  • This legislation is consistent with American values and would allow more North Carolinians to work without fear of harassment or being fired for who they are: the legislation makes economic sense

Please give Senator Burr a call at (202) 224-3154 and forward to all the North Carolinians you know!

Thank you so much,

Senator Burr is one of our senators here in the state. Let him know how important this issue is to you! Phone calls may seem intimidating, but they are usually really quick. The person who takes the call, if it’s not a voicemail, usually just registers your opinion on one side or another. Have the talking points above ready, if you do have the opportunity to chat!