What We Do


There are many opportunities to socialize with Trans* in the City during weekly meetings and other events. We make an effort to spend time with one another outside of planned events by inviting one another to events we are attending in the community.


In addition to support we seek in weekly meetings, we also provide peer counseling. We have a social worker in leadership in addition to participants who are willing to provide support to other members or to non-members who need referrals. We also provide conflict mediation if two or more participants or having an interpersonal or ideological disagreement.


There are many opportunities for participants to work together on local, national, and international advocacy issues. We coordinate events for those interested in participating, and we partner with other groups in their advocacy efforts. All members are welcome to create or invite participants to participate in advocacy opportunities.


We have created a curriculum for educating groups and organizations on trans* issues and working with trans* individuals. We  provide workshops that are tailored for our audiences (social service agencies, business who are interested in being more inclusive of employees, mental health professionals, educators, and more). In addition, we  have a Speakers’ Bureau of volunteers that have agreed to share their stories for the purpose of education.


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